Hospitals for Berkeley County

Date: 07/08/2009

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As mayor of Goose Creek, I strongly support the construction of a new 50-bed hospital by Roper St. Francis Healthcare at Carnes Crossroads. I also support Trident Health System's proposed construction of a new 50-bed hospital in Moncks Corner. These two proposed projects are a golden opportunity for all the citizens of Berkeley County.

Roper St. Francis Healthcare is proposing a 50-bed hospital at a site located at the center of growth in our county.

It will be able to serve the tens of thousands of residents who live within just a few miles of the hospital.

Trident Health System is proposing a 50-bed hospital which will provide the citizens of the northern part of the county with a hospital that is much closer to home.

In addition to providing needed hospital access at a local level to all of the citizens of Berkeley County, these two projects represent a powerful economic development opportunity for our county. They represent over $200 million of investment in the county and over 500 hundred new jobs in our communities.

This is a clear win-win for Berkeley County. We need to take advantage of this opportunity.
I'm proud to join Rep. David Umphlett and other members of the Berkeley legislative delegation and the mayors of Moncks Corner, Jamestown, Bonneau and St. Stephen who are all supporting Roper and Trident hospitals' request to build two hospitals here in Berkeley County. As elected officials, we recognize the potential benefit that the construction of both hospitals could bring to the county and our citizens. I believe the market will support these two hospitals.

I encourage both hospitals to work together to allow each other's facility to be built and take pride in providing much-needed health care to the citizens of Berkeley County.



City of Goose Creek

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